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What to Do If Your BMW Software Update is Not Working

It’s happened to the best of us. We’re all sitting in our cars, eagerly awaiting the sweet release of a software update from our favorite automaker. We’ve been promised better performance, more features, and a general sense of pride and satisfaction with owning one of the latest models. But sometimes things go out of the box; and when drivers do, it can be unsatisfying.

It’s no top secret that a BMW software update can make your car run better. In fact, it’s been proven that these updates can improve everything from the car’s performance to its fuel economy. So, when BMW released a new software update for their cars, many drivers were excited to try it out; but what to do if your BMW software update is not working?

When BMW releases a software update meant to improve the driving experience, many drivers are excited to install it. Regrettably, it looks like that not all of BMW’s updates are running smooth as they should. In fact, some drivers are reporting worse performance after installing the update. 

How BimmernavigationgationUpdates helps when the BMW software update is not working?

View the slides below and follow along with our easy step-by-step instructions. We identify drivers probably thinking “How problematic can this be?” Well, let us tell you – it isn’t as simple at first glance! But don’t worry because we’ve got your back; just follow these steps to install your updates properly;

Connect your USB device

The best way to ensure that your USB stick is recognized by the system is through formatting. If you’re not sure what type of file system a particular device has, then try checking if it’s formatted as FAT32 or ExFAT before connecting them on one side and seeing which works better for both parties involved!

If you’re using a 32 GB USB stick, make sure it’s formatted in exFAT format. If 64GB is too big for your system and storage needs then consider formatting the smaller capacity magazines instead – they’ll fit just as nicely. In the end, the display will switch automatically to navigation update mode.

Jump in the update procedure

Once you have linked your iDrive Controller, use it to click on select and activate option, then “Start update” option or window pop up appear on display.

Enter 20-digit code

The iDrive map data is only enabled when you enter the 20-digit code with your own driver’s license using your iDrive controller.

Confirm code & start

Once you’ve entered all the information, confirm your code and press OK to start.

Update procedure

Automatically, the map data will be rationalized when you continue driving. During this procedure, the basic functions of your navigation system operate normally and it is important to leave your USB stick inserted until the completion of the update process.

Update is complete

The entire process of updating your system may take as little time or a few hours (about 30 to 40 minutes), depending on how fast you can wait! After installing the update automatically when it’s done downloading and sorting out all those pesky bugs- there will be nothing left but satisfaction.

Why BMW software update causing problems for drivers?

BMW released a software update to address the issue of the engine shutting off when the driver steps on the brakes. The update was designed to reduce engine power when drivers brake hard, but instead, it caused some cars to immediately shut down.

Some people had to be rescued by roadside assistance professionals when they could not restart their cars. BMW has not yet revealed how many vehicles were affected.

Why are BMW software updates important?

BMW has been known for its high-quality cars for a long time. However, the company is taking the road to innovation by leveraging software updates to improve the performance of its cars.

BMW’s new M5 is an example of how software updates can help a car become better and more efficient. The M5 has a new engine that can reach speeds of up to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds, which is faster than any other car on the market.

The BMW M5 also has improved handling with its new suspension system that can handle even more extreme driving conditions, such as sharp turns and heavy acceleration. BMW’s software update also includes new features like adaptive headlights that automatically turn on when it gets dark outside and turn off when it starts getting light again.

BMW has been providing software updates for their cars for a long time. But there are some updates that are more important than others. The most important update is the one that improves the security of the car, such as making sure that the car can’t be hacked and stolen. They also make sure that any new features and functionality work smoothly with all other parts of the car.


BMW has been a leading manufacturer of luxury cars for over a century now. They have always been known for their commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence. In recent years, BMW has been making headlines with its new line of electric cars. The company is looking to the future and is investing in new technologies that will allow them to compete with other car manufacturers who are also investing in electric cars.

How BMW software updates can improve the performance of a car?

BMW is one of the first car manufacturers to offer a software update service. With this service, they are able to improve the performance of their cars by updating them with new features and functionalities. BMW offers a software update service that enables them to upgrade their models with new features and functionalities. The company offers vehicles in four segments;

  • Luxury sedans
  • Executive cars
  • Sports activity vehicles
  • Compact executive

BMW software updates can improve the performance of a car by making it more environmentally friendly and improving its overall functionality. The company also continues to invest in self-driving technology which could make driving safer, more efficient, and more convenient for drivers.

So, whenever you feel what to do if my BMW software update is not working; just contact BimmernavigationgationUpdates to get high-end and hassle-free service at pocket-friendly rates! 

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