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Update Instructions

6 Steps To Updating Your Map

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Step 1

Connect Usb Tricks

USB size must be 64gb with FAT32 format if map style is PREMIUM, if map style is NEXT then usb size must be 64gb with exfat format, if MAP Styles are EVO, ROUTE, WAY then usb size can be 32/64 gb but usb format must be exfat. Connect usb in the car according to the email instructions. The screen will automatically prompt for next step.

Step 2

Start update procedure

Use the iDrive Controller to select and activate the “Start update” option on the display.

Step 3

Enter Code

You require a code in order to activate the map data. Enter the 20-digit code using the iDrive Controller.

Step 4

Confirm Code

Select “OK” to confirm your entry. The update procedure will then start..

Step 5

Update Procedure

The map data will now be updated as you continue driving. Your navigation system’s basic functions continue to operate normally during this procedure. Please leave the USB stick inserted until the end of the update process.

Step 6

Completion of the update

The complete update procedure may last for about 30 to 40 minutes. After having successfully installed the update, the system will automatically reboot. After this, the updating procedure is complete.

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